South Africa Memories and Into India

A couple weeks ago, we said goodbye to South Africa and hello to India! I absolutely loved my time in South Africa, have great memories and am so thankful for my amazing host family!


South Africa Host cousin, sister, and mom

We’ve been in India now for about 3 weeks and I LOVE IT! Here’s a brief overview of what I’ve done so far:

  • Tried goat’s brain
  • Watched dramatic Hindi shows with my host family
  • Saw a Hindi movie in theaters (Dear Zindagi)
  • Spiced up my life…quite literally
  • Ran up the Himalayan mountain range (maybe not, but it felt like it)
  • Celebrated my host mom’s birthday
  • Saw the Golden Temple in Amritsar
  • Enjoyed waiting at the bank for several hours
  • Corral 13 2-4 year olds daily
  • Sang head shoulders knees and toes more times than I’d like to admit
  • Painted classroom walls with only minimal paint splattering on my kurta
  • Gotten sick
  • Witnessed a dog bite one of my roomies…twice
  • Probably had the first ever Indian Thanksgiving


Been awful at updating my blog. Sorry!!! A more detailed post will be coming your way sometime in the future.


Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 1.29.58 PM.jpg

One of my students


Tibetan Library



In Amritsar at the Golden Temple (thanks for the pic Maddie!!)


2 thoughts on “South Africa Memories and Into India

  1. Dear Quinn: So Glad to see more pictures of you . Your still look like your happy and kicking up a storm. Keep up the good work and enjoy. I’m with you in spirit always. Hugs, Nana


  2. My dearest Quane,
    I love and miss you dearly.
    If you don’t come to Pitt next year I will cry myself a river and float to you.
    Keep up the amazing work chit! Can’t wait to hear all of your amazing stories.
    you should date that boy



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