Cape Town Crazes and the Crazy Ordinary

A little over two weeks left in South Africa!! The thought of leaving definitely gives me mixed feelings. On one hand, I’ve had such great experiences here and have loved getting know my host family and everyone else I’ve either worked with or randomly met during my time here. The village I live in and Plett itself has felt like a comfortable home for quite a while now, and I feel like I have a standard, basic idea of their layouts and how things work. Of course, I’m certain there’s still plenty I don’t know since I only have about a month and a half worth of first hand experience/knowledge.

On the other hand, I feel ready to see and immerse myself in a completely new area. I expected to be challenged by the new constantly on this trip, but I now realize that, while we still are challenged by the new, we are also challenged by making sure we don’t let the extraordinary become the ordinary (We had a Skype call with Robin Pendoley, one of the founders of TBB, who brought this up as a helpful reminder. Thanks Robin!). For me, I took this to mean that some days are naturally going to be extraordinary and the fact of where I am and how different everything is that I’m experiencing will hit me. However, other days will glide by unnoticed from semi repetitive structured days, or I may spend the day wishing it away from exhaustion, stress, and/or other reasons. Because of this, it’s important to acknowledge that while everyday may not be absolutely amazing, everyday is out of the ordinary in the sense that it’s nothing like our home life. I also feel that the general message can be applied to life in general: soak in the feeling of any day that is naturally extraordinary, and also find the good in everyday by recognizing things you’re appreciative of and grateful for. Of course, it’s easier said than done, especially when the stress of life and reasons to be negative seem to be overbearing, but it’s always good to have those reminders every once and a while.

Cape Town was absolutely amazing and just a short weekend there was definitely not enough time. We traveled there for our Independent Student Travel and my group was Dmitri, Simon, Matt, Graham, and Jessica. We went to a trampoline park, did some shopping, went on a bus tour, climbed/took the Gondola up Table Mountain, roamed the city, listened to live music, met up with a local family my Aunt and Uncle knows, and ate at many great restaurants and cafes. At a restaurant called Karibu, I tried Ostrich, Antelope and Crocodile. The Ostrich and Antelope wasn’t too bad (I’m not the biggest fan of meat to start with), but I definitely was not a fan of the Crocodile. But, overall, I absolutely loved Cape Town!


View from Table Mountain, Cape Town




The crew (minus Jess) in front of our hidden Cape Town home

This past Saturday, I spent the day making fat cakes with my host mom, teaching my host brother how to play guitar, singing (including: Afrikaans songs, Christmas Carols, the Beatles and much more), dancing, and learning even more about my host family and their lives through great conversations.

On Sunday, the TBB group went paddle boarding where we found the perfect place for doing flips into the water and then hung out at the beach where i proceeded to cut my foot on a shell (typical Quinn move).

I’ve been working with the Wellness team this week where we drove to a factory to check-up on the workers’ health by testing them for HIV, checking their sugar levels, checking their blood pressure and asking questions on their general health. (This was mostly in Afrikaans). It’s been a nice change up from working in the same area, and I’ll be back in the clinic next week.

That’s all for now!


One of our host family’s dogs: Taily


My host mom teaching me how to make fat cakes


Flip site found paddle boarding


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