KIDS!! And More..

I finished working in the elementary school last week and I absolutely LOVED it! A fellow tbb student, Saoirse, and I were in the English class for 4th grade. We would walk around the classroom and help any kids who had questions or needed guidance and check their work to make sure they had the correct answers. They were so energetic and happy to be there which made me even more excited to go help out every morning. Definitely¬†an experience I’ll never forget, and I wish I could have been there longer than a week.


Last week, Cat, D and I had an epic baking party. We made delicious chocolate muffins as you can see below, and scones with apricot jam while rocking’ out to some great music. Feels like a home away from home!


Dance party/ baking chocolate muffins with Cat and D! (please excuse the blurriness)

This past week, the tbb group has been staying at a Hostel in Robertson and working with Breede River Hospice. Here, we’ve been doing similar work as in Plettenberg Bay, and I’ve been shadowing the one and only Lulama! (She’s awesome) I’ve really enjoyed the work here and it’s been interesting comparing healthcare in Robertson to healthcare in Plettenberg Bay.



dsc_0728.jpgIn a matter of minutes, I’ll be leaving to head to Cape Town for the weekend! And that’s it for now!


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