Jumping Off a Bridge and into 19 Years

I just turned 19 this past weekend and I’d say it was a pretty awesome birthday. It consisted of both chocolate cake in the morning and delicious homemade ice cream cake (it’s my absolute favorite 🙂 ) at night, bungee jumping off the highest bungee bridge, skyping my family, good conversations, hanging with the tbb group at the Program Leader’s apartment and watching 500 Days of Summer. Bungee jumping was insane!! Pure exhilaration and any adrenaline junkie out there has to try it if they haven’t already.

On another note, I start working in the Elementary School tomorrow. It seems to be the oddball work project of South Africa since it doesn’t fit the theme of healthcare like volunteering in the clinic and shadowing caregivers does. Regardless, I’m really looking forward to it! From the information I’ve gathered, it sounds like we’ll be assisting in the classrooms by giving guidance to any child who needs it since there are more students in the classroom than a teacher can carefully attend to. However, I wont truly know until I’m there and in the swing of things. Stay posted for more to come!



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